The main aim for our training is for your staff to feel comfortable and confident in making your Dental Plans an integral part of the practice culture which will result in patients being provided with the best possible treatment and a regular monthly income for the practice. 

This will be verifiable CPD training which will result in the team having a clear understanding of the Plans process and ways to promote your Dental Plans to your patients. Training will also include: 

  • Benefits of the Dental Plan to the patients and the practice 
  • Completion of the patient registration forms and contract
  • Administration of the Dental Plans
  • How the Dental Emergency Assistance Support product works 
  • How to ensure your Dental Plans are profitable for the practice 
  • Marketing your Plans and the practice 
  • Social Media training including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn 

ICP will always be on hand to provide ongoing support to your practice.


Some client feedback on our training

"Very informative and well put together, all questions answered efficiently"

"Excellent presentation"

"Good knowledge and good tips given"

"Gillian was very good; the team feel very confident in selling the plan now"

"Excellent presentation covering all important points, slide content helpful"

"Thank you, Gillian, for your amazing presentation and passing on your knowledge, I feel more confident moving into this next era."

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