Time to Look to the Future Of Dentistry

Time to Look to the Future Of Dentistry

At ICP, we understand how challenging the past few months have been for you because we were with you every step of the way. The ICP team worked tirelessly in making sure you were informed of all communication received from your patients regarding their Dental Plan.  We hope you benefited from all the support we provided including reducing your admin fees, giving credit for PPE and no disruption to the services provided by ICP.  

One main factor we found throughout that time, was that one call from you was all that was required to give your patients the reassurance that even though your doors were closed you were still there to provide support and advice.  Maintaining relationships with your patients has proved very important during these unprecedented times.

However, now the time has come to open your doors, are you considering what the future may hold? Nervous has been a word used by many, nervous about the future of the NHS, nervous what the new normal will be and the effect this may have on your practice and your patients.

Introducing a Dental Plan to the practice will not only allow you to offer affordable private treatment to your patients but provide the practice with a regular monthly income which will help with continuity and support.

If you would like to have a chat about introducing Dental Plans to your practice, do not hesitate to give us a call and find out how we can make a difference to the future of your practice.


Gillian Graham

Business Development Consultant

07717 003143

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