Hilton Dental Set up support

The challenge

Jatinder and partner Randeep were planning to build their own dental practice in Derbyshire and always knew that having a capitation system, where patients were paying monthly, would provide them with a stable monthly income over time. They were keen for this regular income to be used to budget for future investments, overheads, marketing etc.

The solution

We met with the couple and offered a special offer of ‘£10 cash back’ for every patient they signed up if they hit over 30 per month.

We helped them to set up and personalise their dental plan, offering patients a pay monthly fee for regular check ups, hygiene and treatment discounts. We were also instrumental in helping them set their PAYG fees and provided a presentation to the Hilton Dental Care team to help them sign patients up to the plan.

We produced posters and leaflets explaining the benefits of the plan, as well as comparison leaflets so patients could visually see the difference in price between being on the plan vs pay as you go.

What we provided

What our client said

We saw a huge uptake in the plan as we found, like many other things in life, most of our patients wanted to budget for their dental care on a monthly basis. They benefit from knowing they have already paid for their regular care (exam/hygiene appointments) without worrying about a large outlay every time they visiti. This results in regular patient attendance and in turn means they are more likely to have better oral health in the long-run.

I would absolutely recommend ICP to any dental practice considering offering a dental plan to their patients. The whole process has been very simple to set up with very little work on our own part.

Jatinder Dhadli – Principal Dentist
Jatinder Dhadli