Why your practice should promote dental plans

If you are considering whether implementing a dental plan is the right decision for your practice, here is a summary of the various benefits:


1.    Regular attendance

Having patients signed up to a dental plan ensures that they attend regularly.  Regular attendance is at the core of preventative dentistry and therefore contributes to healthier patients.


2.    Improved patient loyalty

Dental plan patients are generally happier, healthier and more loyal.  As a consequence they are more likely to recommend your practice to their friends and family.

If you decide to also offer your dental plan patients a discount on other treatments, you may see an increase in treatment uptake and therefore spend per patient.


3.    Guaranteed income

With a dental plan in place, the guaranteed income will allow dentists downtime from the practice.  It also provides cover for quiet times in your appointment book and FTAs.

Taking away some of the stress involved in running a practice enables you the time to plan practice investment and future improvements.


4.    Administration support

You will be amazed at how much less administration there is for the practice team when you have a dental plan in place, including less money handling.

Independent Care Plans also provide you with business development support to assist in promoting and marketing your services.  Furthermore, you will benefit from staff training so that everyone at the practice is on board and familiar with your new dental plan.


5.    Associated insurance cover

A major pull for patients in joining a dental plan is the piece-of-mind it provides with the associated dental insurance provided.  Worldwide emergency cover, evening, weekend and Bank Holiday call out fees, treatment following dental injury, hospital benefit and oral cancer diagnosis are major benefits.


At IndepenDent Care Plans we even offer an additional benefit to patients as we don’t charge a fee for them to register with our plans.

So if you’re ready to take the next steps and start to implement a membership plan, call us on 01463 223399 to arrange a visit to your practice to discuss things further.