Trigger points for discussing dental plans with patients

As well as ensuring that your general marketing materials mention your dental plan, don’t miss out on the following opportunities to discuss dental plans with patients:

New patient consultations

As part of your new patient process, informing them about your dental plan should form a key part of the process (and not be an after-thought).
Remember a ‘no’ now isn’t a ‘no’ forever. Check out our blog

Recall appointments

Again, as part of your systems and processes those patients who are not already on your plan should be asked at recall appointments whether they would like to join. Make use of your practice management system to make notes on the patient’s file regarding your discussions with them about the dental plan and follow up accordingly.

Patients who require additional treatment

It may be that previously, those patients who haven’t required any additional treatments didn’t see the need to join the dental plan. However, if their dental health changes and they find themselves needing to visit you more often and undertake more treatments, they may now be prime candidates to join.

Patients who the hygienist feels would benefit from more frequent visits

Empower your hygienists to suggest joining the plan to those patients who perhaps need more frequent visits. You may even want to consider setting in place targets and incentives to those staff who get new patients signed up to the dental plan.

Contact with inactive/dormant patients

Periodically send out a mailing to inactive and dormant patients on your database. As well as a good exercise to clear up your database it can also act as a prompt to those patients who’ve been meaning to make an appointment but haven’t got round to it.
Promoting the benefits of joining the dental plan within this mailing is an excellent idea. It acts as a trigger for patients who’ve been meaning to get in touch and the concept of the plan - spreading the cost in return for regular check-ups – is an excellent incentive.

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