Top Apps to keep you organised

With the Google Play Store alone being the home to 1.6 million apps, you are hardly short of apps to help keep your day organised!  However, with such a big selection of apps to choose from we know how overwhelming it can be so we have compiled our personal favourites for you.

Our Top Organisation App: Evernote

To kick things off we are starting with Evernote which currently has over 60 million users world – wide. This app has been awarded the ‘Editors Choice’ badge within the Play Store, and has reached over 100,000,000 downloads.

What features does it have?

Well what doesn’t it have! Looking over the features list it has pretty much everything you might possibly need to organise a project per say. The app does come in different packages; Basic Free, Evernote Plus £19.99 annually and Evernote Premium £34.99 annually. Back to features, the list seems to go on and on; Attach files (PDF’s, office docs and photos), you can discuss and collaborate with other team members or friends through the use of the Work Chat feature –and you can also create agendas and action items in preparation for a meeting.

If you are a iPhone user and own an Apple Watch, you can Dictate notes, view your recent notes, and set reminders + get notifications. With Evernote premium you can utilize the features Evernote includes offline to allow you to work from anywhere. In addition to this you utilize 10GB of online storage space. The upgraded version of Evernote includes the ability of a Better Search which allows you to search within docs and attachments. Evernote understand that privacy can be vital when creating documents with sensitive information so in the Premium version you can use a Touch ID or pass code lock to prevent any unauthorised people viewing your notes. For those all important meetings and proposals, premium includes the ability to turn notes into formatted, branded presentations with no slides required! Best of all ITS SIMPLE to use! Check it out here

Of course, there are a plethora of other advanced note apps; take a look at Simplenote, Google Keep, Microsoft One Note and DEVONthink.

Second in our top apps to keep you organised is Facebook Pages Manager. This app is beyond simple to operate as its main function is to purely help manage your pages, so that involves basic updates, replying to private messages that are sent to the pages you manage. You can also receive Push Notifications to your notification tray on your device for new activity, tips and reminders. Lastly, you can also see the metric data for your page which Facebook call ‘Page Insights’. The benefits of this are that you can see where your profile is performing or falling short and then work to improve these figures.

The next on our list isn’t so much a singular app but more a collection offered by both Android and iOS.  Androids default productivity apps include Google Keep, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. iOS features the apps: Notes, Numbers, Pages and Keynote. These apps all offer relatively similar features so you aren’t at a disadvantage if you own an opposite device. These apps allow you to quickly take notes; write documents and produce excel documents. The advantage of this is that you can preview and edit documents with your colleagues through the use of the collaborative features even when you aren’t in the office.

The large majority of us own multiple digital devices whether that is an iPhone, iPad and Macbook or an Android device, PC and surface (Microsoft's version of an iPad) so on, it’s always really convenient to be able to access our files from where ever we are, on whatever device. We recommend Drop Box as a brilliant storage method for allowing yourself to access files wherever you are. In addition to this you can also work collaboratively with teammates without having to constantly email back and forth. There are 3 plans Dropbox offer; Dropbox Basic which includes 2GB of space, safe and reliable backup plus access from everywhere with simple file sharing. The second is Dropbox Pro which is £7.99 a month which includes 1TB of space with additional sharing controls and a remote wipe option. Lastly there is Dropbox for Business which is £11 per user a month and has unlimited storage, unlimited file recovery, file sharing controls and priority support for all team members.

Despite all this, you can have all the storage space in the world but having a solid way of planning your day out from the moment you get up in the morning to the evening is an essential part of a busy person’s day to day living. There is an abundance of apps available that can enable you to set tasks, check lists...... the list goes on. But when it comes to keeping things simple and structured I personally prefer to stick to the default calendar app that comes with iOS devices and Google devices – as a user of both platforms (iOS and Google Android) I find the Google Calendar a good base mark to work from as you can then sync that to your calendar app on your iPad for example. The beauty of using the Google Calendar as a base point is that it can also be accessed from anyway which means it’s very easy to check your schedule and ensure you are on time.