Time for a change


As you will have noticed, our brand identity here at Independent Care Plans has had a bit of spruce-up.  We’ve also recently unveiled our new-look website. I wanted to write a post about this as I know many of our clients and prospects find themselves wondering whether they should update their brand identity and if so, how they should go about it.


If you are considering changing your identity, ask yourself the following:

  • What am I hoping to achieve?
  • Is my current brand in tune with what my current clients/patients want and need?
  • How are my competitors performing?  How does my brand compare?
  • What are the key attributes of my brand that I need to convey?
  • Do I want/need to keep the same name? Perhaps a partner is leaving or you’re looking to build equity in your practice in order to sell it.
  • How will I go about managing the entire process of change?


It all comes back to what are you trying to portray – what do you want your target audience to think and feel about you?  If your current identity and marketing communications aren’t portraying the right image for you they could be holding your business back.


Often, a big change isn’t necessary but rather a subtle tweak here and there to ensure that your brand identity is accurately reflecting where you are and hope to be in the near future. It’s very important to remember that the logo is only one component of your branding and changing it might not be the best option.


Your brand identity should be something that evolves as the business grows and develops.  As part of your annual business review process check that your brand identity is ‘fit for purpose’ in terms of your business objectives.


For us here at Independent Care Plans, it was important that our identity was still recognisable but felt fresher and more modern.  We made subtle changes to the logo itself by removing the ‘cross’ device which kept the logo simpler and cleaner. We also provided variations with or without our tagline for flexibility.


The blue and red colours were important to keep, ensuring that we stand out from our competitors, so to modernise them, we added a more vivid contrast and set this against a neutral dark grey.







The logo is just one part of our brand identity and we needed to update all of our marketing collateral including our website.  If you’re considering a re-brand ensure that you have set yourself aside an appropriate budget as everything will need changing and updating, from all printed items and signage through to name badges/uniforms and your digital marketing items.




Closely followed by word-of mouth referrals, it is likely that your website is a key source of new clients/patients so it has to be current, up-to-date and working hard to increase sales for you.  As well as ensuring our website reflected our new spruced-up identity, there were several key objectives that I wanted to achieve:


  • To focus on our key target audience – dentists rather than patients – and ensure that our website provided the information that they wanted to have access to.
  • To use case studies of real dentists to help endorse our services.
  • To ensure that our services, support and added value were clear
  • To get across the unique customer benefits that we provide to our dentists, whether they currently don’t have a plan or if they are looking to switch provider
  • To encourage visitors to get in contact with us at every stage and make this easy for them – thus we included lots of appropriate ‘call to actions’ throughout the site
  • To have a website that looked good, but was also functional and easy to navigate. Plus it was essential that this was tablet friendly and included a specific mobile version


I very much see our website as an evolution and aim to keep reviewing it to ensure that it’s working appropriately.  If you have feedback, comments or suggestions then please do let me know, I’d love to hear from you.


To help us meet our goals, we enlisted the professional help of one of our partners, Blue Horizons Marketing www.bluehorizonsmarketing.co.uk. As an Independent Care Plans client you can receive a 10% discount off all their services.