Team training and development ideas

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The purpose of training is to support individuals to improve their performance so they can achieve their objectives, which ultimately means the practice is successful. There should be an expectation that post training team members show their training has benefited the practice. Introducing this concept helps to reduce requests for unnecessary training and focuses team members on the fact that the practice has invested in their development.


To support staff development and performance why not create and implement a ‘Team Charter’? A team charter is unique to each business, and is created by the team who agrees to abide by the rules they have defined. Once implemented it must be constantly referred to when individuals operate against the ethos of the charter. Using the charter leads to a consistent way of managing the team in the way they have decided the business should operate.


People are motivated by knowing what they have to do and how well they do it so it makes sense that the key to developing a great team is through the introduction of a performance management system. The essential elements of the system are:
a) Agreeing objectives
b) Identifying any skills gap
c) Providing training
d) Reviewing/feeding back
e) Beginning the process again
Ideally, each team member should have a regular one-to-one so that under performance is quickly identified and managed and good performance is highlighted and recognised for motivations.


Staff development and achievement takes on a completely new facet so the cultural and profit-related benefits of a well-structured incentive scheme cannot be under estimated. Essentially a good incentive scheme has a mixture of individual and team goals, should be stretching but achievable, and should result in improvements to the bottom line AFTER the incentive has been paid. It should also be enjoyable so don’t forget to include the ‘fun factor’.


Get the whole team involved with training to enhance motivation/buy-in to raise awareness of your Dental Plans (or latest promotion etc) and remember to ask your team for their ideas. Ensure the practice team support and endorse agreed recommendations as this will reassure patients about joining the Dental Plan.


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