Seek patient feedback in order to feed forward

Patient satisfaction isn’t just a compliance issue; it determines the success of your practice.  It is very easy to get caught up in the daily grind of tasks and before you know it another year has passed and you haven’t got round to doing all those things that you meant to do.  So, you make hasty decisions, second-guess what you think your patients want and on you go.  However, this is a risky way of managing your practice. Reactive rather than proactive management in the long term won’t lay a strong, sturdy foundation for success.


Without your patients and more importantly without happy, loyal, satisfied patients your practice will struggle in this ever-competitive environment.  So, how do you keep up?



Retrain yourself and your team to adopt a more forward-thinking approach to patient care.  What you do right now, today has an impact on the future success of the practice.  Empathy goes a long way and putting yourself in a patient’s shoes and asking ‘how would I like to be treated?  What would delight me?’ will ensure that you are putting patients at the heart of your practice and improving patient satisfaction.  This will lead to more recommendations, more plan memberships, greater uptake of treatments, a happier team and greater profitability.

Gary Moore, Business Development Manager, Independent Care Plans

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