Secrets to successful conversions

Having dealt with dental practices for almost twenty years, we’ve accumulated a bit of ‘best practice’ knowledge along the way. In this post, I share the common key factors to successful conversions.

Dentist and team involvement

Without the whole team on-board, your Dental Plan won’t reach its full potential.

Focus the team’s attention and consider setting a target for conversion to a Dental Plan and making its achievement part of the incentive scheme.

One of the biggest hurdles practices face is the consistency of conversion.  It is easy to get ‘it’ right once but doing it repeatedly is much harder.  Learn to take a ‘NO’ when asking patients to join your plan and you will be surprised how many patients will say ‘YES’.


Ensure that you have a clear, straight-forward process in place for each scenario of patient conversion i.e. from switching provider, Private/PAYG or NHS to Dental plan.

Call us if you’d like to discuss a suitable process for your practice.

Visual aids are beneficial to both practice team and patients when raising awareness of a Dental Plan, so why not consider a ‘Plan Promotion Pack’ which could include:

  • Leaflet/flyer
  • Registration pack
  • Conversion letter
  • Insurance information
  • Benefits summary

The pack can include any marketing materials that will help improve patient understanding, awareness and take up of your Dental Plan.


Ensure your team are confident when promoting Dental Plans.  It is important  that the practice team have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, what to say, and how to respond to those awkward questions that patients sometimes ask!

Ensure patients understand the importance of being a member of your plan and the exclusive benefits available to plan patients stand out and exceed expectations.


Inform every eligible patient about the benefits of joining your Dental Plan- never assume your patient will not be interested in joining – if you don’t ask you don’t get!


Find out what is important to each patient.  Find the solution that best fits each patient (spreading the cost, discounted treatment, improved oral health, insurance element etc).


Remember to review how successful team members are at converting patients to plan.  Ensure the strongest candidates for promoting the plan are the people who engage the patient (put your best people forward).

If you are an existing Ident client and would like to discuss how you can improve your conversions, or if you’re not yet a client but would like to find out more, please do get in touch; we’d be delighted to help you. Please call one of our team members on 01463 223399.