Quick win marketing tips for your website


Have you assessed your website lately?  Unfortunately having one and not maintaining it or updating it on a regular basis could be costing you patients and hindering your search engine ranking.

A website isn’t a static marketing tool such as a leaflet or poster and should be viewed as a more interactive tool to help engage with your audience.


  • Review your website on Google Analytics and use this information to see how your website could be performing better (is the bounce rate high? What are the page views like?)
  • Look at your website from a mobile or tablet – how does it perform? Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
  • Make sure your phone number is on the home page where people can see it
  • Use patient/client testimonials and/or case studies on the home page and throughout the site where relevant
  • Are all the pages on your website still relevant?
  • Use professional-looking images on your website. A website is a visual medium and the imagery should ‘speak’ to your audience.
  • Remember to reduce the file size of your images, otherwise they could take too long to download (meaning people can’t be bothered to hang around and wait and will go elsewhere). Search engines like quick loading images too!
  • Does your site ‘sell’ too much rather than providing solutions to your patient’s problems?
  • Is it cluttered and confusing without a clear focus on every page?
  • Is the about us/team page up-to-date?  Are all members of staff on there (and one’s who’ve left removed)?
  • Use a heat map to see where people click on your website. Try Heatmap.me or zarget.com
  • Are there links to your social media profiles?
  • Re-purpose your content – perhaps you’ve put together a practice newsletter or written an article on oral health care tips for your patients – put them in blogs on your website and ensure you share them via your social media networks.
  • Add new content on a regular basis.
  • Does your website have an enquiry/contact form? It’s an easy and secure way for visitors to your site to get in touch with you without leaving the webpage and having to open up another application.
  • And if you have a form are you ensuring you’re following the messages up efficiently. An automated email workflow is a good way to engage with your audience whilst you take time to reply to their enquiry
  • Is there a clear objective and call to action on every page of your site?
  • Have you considered LiveChat for instant help in answering your patient’s queries? 


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