Overcoming objections to joining a plan

We thought it would be useful to share with you some common objections that you may encounter from patients about joining a dental plan. This is of course not an exhaustive list but will hopefully act as a useful prompt.

Fee per item

Rather than joining the plan would I be better off as a ‘pay as you go’ private patient?

We know that if someone is paying monthly they will visit us regularly to receive the full benefit of this service, which means that you will enjoy better dental health in the long-term.  Also, you are more likely to wait until you have a problem and then it will end up costing you more.

I’m perfectly happy paying for treatment as I come in.

Okay, that’s not a problem, here is a private fee guide although I must highlight there are no benefits such as the insurance/discounted treatments, etc.  Shall we review at your next appointment? (Make a note of review date).

If I sign up now, when will I be covered from?

Now.  Although no payment has yet been taken, you are covered from the moment you sign the contract, plus you also have worldwide accident and emergency insurance.  So, should you walk out the door, fall and damage your teeth, you are covered.

It’s too expensive

If you break it down it only works out at £xx per day for excellent dental care.

I’m not interested in taking out the insurance.

This benefit is not optional/is mandatory and it’s better to have the cover and not need to use it, than to need to use it and not have it!  Its further peace of mind.

Switching provider

Why are you moving away from (provider)?

We want to maintain the high standard of customer service our patients deserve/are entitled to.

IndepenDent are particularly suited to the needs and standards of customer service we have set now and for the future.

How will this move to IndepenDent affect my treatment/dental plan?

This change will not affect your dental care and this will continue as before with the dentist and hygienist of your choice. Your insurance will be comparable with your current cover although may differ slightly - it is however mainly an administrative change.

Will this change affect the cost of the plan?

No.  This change will not affect your present monthly payment.  It is simply an administrative change.

Do I need to do anything/cancel my direct debit with (provider)?

All you need to do is:

  • Sign and date your new contract
  • Complete the new registration form and DDI
  • Sign the (provider) letter and DDI cancellation

The rest will all be taken care of for you.


Why are you moving away from the NHS now?

The dentist has been committed to the NHS, however, it has become increasingly difficult to offer a full range of high quality care as NHS dental treatments are restricted and the service is under-funded.

What about what you did for me in the past? Wasn’t that good enough?

We have always provided the best service that we were able to within the NHS.  The good news is that we will now be able to offer a wider range of treatments, use better quality materials and spend more time focusing on your dental health.

I can’t afford private dental care

We have tried to make dental care as affordable as possible, and that’s why we’ve chosen this plan.

Why are you introducing private care?

To improve the standard of dental care and the service we can offer.  We think patients deserve a better service than we can provide under the NHS.  The dentist will be able to spend more time with patients and focus on getting and keeping them dentally fit and healthy.

Remember – don’t be afraid to ask a patient if they’re interested in joining your plan. Besides which you should never assume that a patient isn’t interested without asking them directly.  Regardless of a patient’s income, everyone appreciates affordability.

If you have any questions regarding IndepenDent Care Plans, then please just give us a call on 01463 223399 – we’d be delighted to help.