Differences between NHS & Private Dental Care

In this blog we run through the differences between NHS and Private dental care to help you communicate and inform your patients. We also run through the differences between a maintenance plan and full care plan.

NHS versus Private

Appointment Times
Restricted to: 9.30 to 12.30pm and 2.00 to 4.30pm. Anytime, early and late appointments set aside for private patients.
Appointment Length
Check up and Scale and Polish 10 -15 minutes.
Consultation - Examination, Scale and Polish 20-30 minutes.
Scale and Polish
Calculus (hard plaque) removal to restore health of teeth and gums and basic polish.
Calculus removal, stain removal, in-depth cleaning to restore health AND improve the overall aesthetic appearance of teeth.
Filling - Back Teeth
ONLY amalgam (silver) available on the NHS on the biting surface of the tooth.
High QUALITY composite (white tooth coloured material) matched to your natural tooth colour, contoured and sculpted to resemble the shape of a real tooth.
Filling - Front Teeth
White filling Functional basic quality filling material.
High QUALITY, white cosmetic composite filling material –for a very natural tooth like appearance.
Crowns - Front Teeth
Functional basic quality white crown generally with internal metal layer.
Cosmetic light reflecting natural crown, fully porcelain – NO metal.
Crowns - Back Teeth
Only metal (gold coloured - NOT Gold) available on NHS.
Porcelain HIGH strength crown, matched to the natural colour of your tooth.
Root Canal Treatment
Functional basic NHS tools used to carry out this treatment.
Top QUALITY state of the art tools are used to carry out root canal. Longer time is spent on this treatment.
Basic quality acrylic
Highest QUALITY acrylic ‘flexi-denture’, greater range of teeth shape and colours available to allow for a natural look.
Monthly Payment Plan
Not Available.
Choice of : Maintenance or Full Care Plan.

Maintenance versus Full Care Plan

Private Dental Care Plans

£_____ Monthly Premium


Extensive private dental consultation twice per year.

Full mouth deep scale and polish twice per year.

X-rays and Study models when required.

Oral cancer screen twice per year.

Worldwide Dental Insurance providing you with peace of mind in the event you need to access emergency treatment at home or abroad.

___% Discount on ALL other private dental and cosmetic treatments including: tooth whitening, crown and bridgework, adult tooth straightening. crown and bridgework, adult tooth straightening.

You can sign up anytime to this plan even if you have work needing done— have work needing done—take advantage of the take advantage of the ___% discounts offered, great savings to be made if you wish to have private white fillings or cosmetic dental work carried out.

Membership fee is based on a dental assessment and banding of your mouth to allow for the level of cover you need to keep you dentally fit and healthy

Your monthly premium covers ALL dental treatment and provides an added bonus of Worldwide Dental Insurance.

Overall this plan provides peace of mind knowing all your dental needs are catered for throughout the year and great for those who need regular treatments. It removes the worry of not knowing what the cost of your dental treatment will be as you have a set membership fee for your monthly premium from: £______ per month.

___% Discount offered on dental cosmetic fees for plan members. plan members.

You need to be dentally fit to join this plan.

Exclusions to this plan are: Cosmetic treatments and laboratory fees.


We are here to help you make the most of your dental plan.  Please give us a call on 01463 223399 so we can discuss your requirements in detail.


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