ICP Member Partner: Wrights

About Wrights

Wrights have been developing their brand for a number of years. In the most recent years they have diversified and grown into a company that, in addition to the traditional material supplier role, can really support dentists and practices in maintaining equipment, training and providing sundry supplies. Click here to visit their website.

ICP Partnership

ICP has been partnered with Wrights since its inception in 1995. The partnership has grown year on year, with:
- A highly competitive discount structure
- Rebates, bonuses and sponsorship
- Effective Account Management
- Full cover of ICP area with sales consultants
- Continuity and quality of service
- Price matching on published prices

Member benefits

With Wrights being the preferred supplier all practices get 25% off own brand products, 20% off branded products and an additional discount for on line orders using “My Wright Place”. There is also a reduced chargeout rates for engineers.

Wrights promise to price match with any nationally advertised dental dealer on all identical consumables, sundries and materials and regularly offer web only deals, discounts and seasonal flyers with exclusive promotions. Plus, they offer free next day delivery on all orders regardless of the value or size, giving you additional savings on already superb prices.

For more details about member benefits then please give us a call on 01463 223399.