How to plan your week to be more productive

If you’re anything like us then there is definitely room for improvement as far as your organisational and time management skills go! We came across this easy to follow process which we’re planning on taking heed of.

1: Select monthly goals

People often put too much pressure on themselves to achieve too many things at once (New Year’s resolutions anyone?!) Instead focus on one or two major goals per month. It’s a much more efficient approach; you’ll be more likely to achieve success which in turn helps you feel more motivated leading to you achieving even more.

2: Make a list of tasks for each goal

The common trait of successful people is that they break down their goals into smaller, actionable tasks. Taking the time to separate out the specific tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve a goal pays dividends.

3: Schedule the tasks

Taking the time to organise your tasks and work out what needs to be achieved by when and by who will give you a much greater chance of success.

4: Plan your week

Make it a habit on a weekly basis to make time to plan out your weekly tasks and then also at the end of the week to evaluate how you’ve got on.

5: Reschedule

Following on from step 4, ensure that any tasks that weren’t completed at the end of the week are carried over to the next week and scheduled in. Otherwise, before you know it you’ve fallen behind and you’ll either feel very stressed or there will be the temptation to give up.