How to get more patients signed up to your dental plan

In this post we quickly run through some ideas to help you get more patients signed up to your dental plan.


Don’t rely on your marketing materials to work magic on their own –yes, ensure that you promote you plan in every way possible:

  • Practice leaflets/brochures
  • Website
  • Practice posters
  • Flyers
  • Recall letters
  • Newsletters
  • Social media  – Facebook, Twitter
  • Email
  • Recorded phone message/waiting room screens


But don’t neglect the importance of the human factor to help convert more patients to plan.


Ensure the whole dental team are plan advocates

Make your dental plan part of the practice culture and ensure everyone takes ownership and responsibility to get patients signed up. There should be clear processes in place making the dental plan a key component to the daily operations of the practice.

Provide training to your team in how to handle any objections that may be putting them off asking patients to sign up (see our blog post for more ideas .

Building rapport with patients is a skill and some are naturally better than others so always put your best people forward.


Make your plan a key part of every patient’s journey

Don’t just promote your plan to new patients. The following are trigger points to discuss your dental plan:


  • Recall appointments
  • Patients who require additional treatment
  • Patients who the hygienist feels would benefit from more frequent visits.


Also remember to make contact with inactive/dormant patients promoting the benefits of regular attendance and your dental plan.


One size doesn’t fit all

Adapt your approach to ‘selling’ your dental plan to patients. Listen to find out what is important to each patient; it may be piece of mind with the insurance element or perhaps the ability to spread costs – by finding out a patient’s individual concerns you will be able to provide a solution that best suits them.



A ‘no’ today won’t necessarily be a ‘no’ tomorrow

Firstly, never assume a patient isn’t interested in joining your plan.  Secondly, just because they may have declined to join the plan initially, it doesn’t mean that they won’t change their mind or that their circumstances won’t change.


Regular communication is key to success and gently reminding patients of the benefits to being a plan member should form part of your communication strategy.



If you are an existing Ident client and would like to discuss how you can improve your conversions, or if you’re not yet a client but would like to find out more, please do get in touch; we’d be delighted to help you. Please call one of our team members on 01463 223399.