Getting the most from your practice team meetings

Perhaps you know that you should have more regular team meetings or maybe your team meetings have lost their “mojo” and just aren’t productive anymore – either way, hopefully this blog post will give you some ideas to help you inject new life into your practice -get-togethers. 

  1. Ensure that your bigger picture goals for the practice are always in sight and made reference to; therefore things that you’re discussing or working on have meaning and context for your team. 

  2. Be consistent and regular with your meetings so that they become an integral part of how the practice functions.  Many practices have a big team meeting involving everyone once a month and then weekly/daily satellite get-togethers for specifics. 

  3. Prepare! Circulate an agenda prior to the meeting and ask for any input. This will ensure that the meeting runs efficiently. It also enables team members to let you know of any concerns/issues prior to the meeting so that you can adequately prepare and not be caught off guard. 

  4. Have a set structure. Meetings that aren’t structured can easily lose their impact, go off on  a tangent or  become a bore. 

  5. Lead the meeting and take charge in a positive way! The ethos of the entire practice stems from how you behave and it is vitally important to set the right tone during team meetings. Never bring up issues with individual members thinking that this will ‘act as a deterrent to the others’; these sort of discussions should take place on a one-one basis.

  6. Meetings are for discussion not solely for sharing information. The main purpose of team meetings is to get everyone involved, to let everyone’s voice be heard, to generate ideas and collaborate together in order to improve the practice and progress. 

  7. Celebrate the positive. Draw attention to positive team and patient based news – successfully completed courses, patient testimonials, number of new patients signed up the dental plan and so forth. 

  8. Make meetings something to look forward – cakes always work a treat! Team meetings are a very important part of practice culture and a positive, sociable, engaged team will work harder and smarter and enjoy coming to work.  This will all have a positive impact on how well they treat patients and therefore how successful the practice is. 

  9. Make sure that follow up points are made and distributed with specific action points after the meeting and then touched upon at the start of the next meeting. 

  10. Mix it up! Consider taking the meetings off-site; consider a ‘theme’ for the meeting......breaking the monotony ensures the energy and therefore motivation remains high and positive.