Festive marketing ideas for your dental practice

Despite your own feelings about the commercialism of Christmas, there is no denying that it’s good business sense to make the most of the opportunities that arise.  Here are a few ideas to help you with marketing your practice over the festive period:


  • Have a practice branded card designed, signed by all of the practice team and send it out to all of your patients.


  • Tastefully decorate the practice.  By having no decorations whatsoever sends the message that you’re miserable but going over board can be too much!


  • Run a tooth whitening promotion.  Christmas is the busiest social period for most people so they will be more inclined to want their teeth whitened for all those parties and #selfies!


  • Provide gift vouchers that your patients can buy as presents.  You may also want to consider sending your most loyal patients a voucher as a ‘thank you’.


  • ‘New year, new smile’ email to send to patients. At New Year many people think about ways they can make changes for the better, so this is a good opportunity to promote cosmetic dentistry.


  • Make good use of the quiet times. Make sure your team are kept busy – update the patient database, send out a newsletter, follow up all enquiries, contact dormant patients.....get all of those tasks done that always get pushed to the bottom of the to-do-list.


If your appointment book is looking ‘gappy’ over the festive period then check out our blog  here .