Explaining the benefits of private care to patients

Perhaps you are a mixed practice or are considering becoming solely private. Either way it is important to be able to communicate and explain the benefits of private care over NHS provision to your patients.


The benefits of time need to be clearly expressed to your patients.

By being able to spend more time with each patient you are able to talk to (and more importantly listen to) your patients about their oral health care. You are able to discuss treatment options and any concerns they may have in far more detail. Time affords dentists to identify treatment plans that meet the patient’s individual needs.

Time is a particularly important issue for nervous patients; feeling that they are not being rushed and taking the time to listen to their concerns goes a long way in reducing their anxiety.

Private dentists are also able to offer more flexibility with their appointment times; often offering appointments in the evenings and even at the weekend.

More choice

Understandably there has to be limitations within the NHS; a limit of time, a limit of money and a limit of materials and equipment. Private dentistry generally provides dentists with a greater choice of materials, treatments and state-of-the-art equipment with which to treat patients more effectively and more efficiently.

Out of hours emergency care

It can be very reassuring for patients to know that should they have a dental emergency, they will be dealt with by their own dental practice.

Dental plans

Plan membership is ideal for patients who prefer the benefits of private treatment over NHS. It allows them to spread the cost of their routine dental care, provides them with dental insurance and often provides them with a discount on any further treatment.

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