Ensuring your website is GDC compliant

The General Dental Council updated their guidelines back in 2012 to bring standards in line with European guidance and ensure that advertising by dental professionals is clear and never misleading to the public.

All information or publicity material regarding dental services should be legal, decent, honest and truthful.

The guidelines stipulate that, all dental websites need to include:

  • The name and geographical address at which the dental service is established together with contact details of the dental service including email address and telephone number
  • Details of individual’s professional qualifications and the country from which that qualification is derived
  • Individual’s GDC registration numbers
  • A link to the GDC website
  • Details of the practice’s complaints procedure and information of who patients may contact if they are not satisfied with the response (namely the relevant NHS body for NHS treatment and the Dental Complaints Service for private treatment)
  • The date the website was last updated.


Full guidance for standards for the dental team can be found here