Earn £10 per patient when you switch

If you've got a dental plan already and have never thought about switching or if you've contemplated changing but feel it wouldn't be worth the hassle, then now's the time to move.

We're offering an amazing £10 per patient, straight into your pocket, for every patient you sign up to one of our IndepenDent Dental Care plans.

Do I quaify?

There is a minimum criteria to be applicable, but this would just require a transfer of at least 30 plan patients.

All we need is your latest monthly schedule to establish plan numbers and to undertake a financial assessment. This would ensure you are fully aware of the costs before making any final decision to transfer.

We offer anyone a 'no obligation cost comparison' to find out what you're likely to save.

Start earning today

If you're ready to earn £10 for every patient you switch onto one of our plans, then call us on 01463 223399 or email icpltd@ident.co.uk