Dental Plan Health Check

Regardless of how long you’ve been running membership plans at your practice we thoroughly recommend carrying out a regular audit on how your plan is performing. We have put together the following check list to help you ascertain any areas for improvement:

The numbers

  • How many patients have registered on the plan in last 6/12 months?
  •  How many patients have cancelled their plan in last 6/12 months?
  • What are the reasons why? Are there any obvious trends?
  • How much income/revenue does the plan contribute at present?
  • How much income/revenue would the practice like the plan to contribute?
  • How many additional plans would be required to achieve this aim?
  • Are the plan fees appropriate?
  • Do they need to be reviewed?


  • What’s going well or not so well with regards promotion of the plan with patients?
  • Are there any possible training needs?
  •  Is the plan attractively ‘packaged’ to improve patient ‘sign up rates’?
  • What extras/incentives do we offer or can this be improved upon?
  •  What marketing activities are in place to promote/raise awareness of the plan?
  • How can this be improved?

Staff & processes

  • Are staff fully equipped/confident in discussing the plan with new & existing patients?
  • Is any training required? Have you considered nominating a plan champion?
  • How effective is the practice follow up process for the ‘think about it’ patient?
  • How many patients/what percentage have resulted in sign up via this process?
  • What is the practice procedure for promoting/raising awareness of the plan from the moment the patient walks into reception for both new & existing patients?

We are here to help you. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your dental plan then please get in touch. Email us at or call 01463 223399.