Converting enquiries to patients

Generating patient enquiries is only phase one of acquiring new patients. The next stage is making sure those enquiries convert to patients.

Below are some best practice tips that we’ve picked up over our 25 years in dealing with dental practices. You may also like to refer to our previous post

Quality over quantity

Marketing your dental practice should focus on creating and maintaining long-term relationships with your patients. Ideally, your happy patients will recommend you to their friends and family providing you with new patients. Of course, you will always need a healthy stream of enquiries coming through but the focus should be on quality over quantity.

Ensure that your marketing and staff are all ‘on-brand’ thereby attracting the right sort of patient to your practice improving efficiencies and effectiveness in all that you do.
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Utilise website & social media accounts

Patients probably don’t have time to call you during practice opening times. Having a simple form on your website for enquiries set up with an automated response provides potential patients with a quick and easy means to make contact, 24.7.

Make use of your social media accounts too if you have them to communicate and engage with prospective enquiries. Have a dedicating administrator who is responsible for dealing with social media enquiries.

Check your emails regularly

Ensure that someone is regularly checking practice emails and responding accordingly. If a potential patient has sent an enquiry through via your website and received an automated response telling them that someone will be in contact - make sure that you do!

Have a clear process in place

Not only is it important from a staff member’s perspective to know how to deal with enquiries but more so to ensure that a consistent representation of your practice brand is maintained each and every time an enquiry comes through.

Get on the phone

Talking with potential new patients on the phone gives you a better chance of creating a bond with them and ensuring that you can react quickly to their requirements.

A prospective patient may have enquired with a few practices. The ones that make an effort to speak to them in person have a much better chance of converting them.

Set clear call-to-actions about what will happen next

Throughout every stage of the patient journey (including prospects) make it clear as to what happens next. On your website, have clear CTA’s (call to actions) such as ‘call now’ or ‘make an enquiry’. If you’re emailing a prospect details about your dental plan and fees, tell them when you will contact them next.

What you want to do is catch your prospective enquiries at the right time and help them move along the decision-making process as quickly as possible. By taking the time to plan and strategise your approach to dealing with enquiries you will have a far greater conversion success rate.

If you are an existing Ident client and would like to discuss how you can improve your conversions, or if you’re not yet a client but would like to find out more, please do get in touch; we’d be delighted to help you. Please call one of our team members on 01463 223399.