Celebrating our 20th anniversary

It's hard to believe that IndepenDent Care Plans are 20 years old this year! We were established back in March 1995 following the previous launch of our partner company, Highland Dental Plan. HDP was founded by a team of likeminded dentists who knew just what kind of help and support they wanted from a dental plan provider. Because HDP was originally focused on the Highland area of Scotland, it was decided that a new company should be created to focus on the rest of the UK and as such ICP was born!

We've been providing high quality dental plans and top quality support to our clients ever since and our original values haven't changed. We aim to offer all our clients (large or small) a really personal level of service, great value and flexible dental care plans, a helping hand to get your plan up and running (with our 0% admin fees for 9 months), ongoing help, support and advice, plus guidance in enabling you to get your patients signed up as members (without them needing to pay a joining fee!).

We're now one of the main plan providers in the UK and continue to grow with a large number of practices now offering their own membership plan, administered by ICP.

Some key milestones:

Should you not have a dental plan or are considering switching, then don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to provide the help and advice you need and can talk you through every step of the process. Call us on 01463 223399 or make an enquiry to find out more.