Benefits of bespoke practice-branded dental plans

There are of course many benefits of going with a big-name dental plan provider.  However, a bespoke plan tailored to your practice may suit you better.  Here is a brief summary of benefits:

Build your brand not that of a dental plan company

Having a dental plan branded to your practice helps build its brand strength.  A professional, strong brand image will attract the right sort of patients for your practice resulting in greater success for you, not a large corporate organisation.

Strengthen goodwill and patient loyalty

A successful practice has a healthy stream of regular, loyal patients who recommend their friends and family.  A dental plan encourages loyalty and regular attendance – a win: win situation for both practice and patient.  Greater income for the practice: improved oral health for the patient.

A bespoke plan provides you with more options and greater control

Isn’t it better to tailor a plan to suit your practice needs and those of your patients rather than be forced into decisions stipulated by someone else?

Remove the potential financial barrier for patients

More patients on plan will not only aid your practice cash-flow with a guaranteed regular income but will also help patients budget for their dental care.  If you offer plan members a discount off additional treatments this is a great incentive for patients and helps them along the purchase decision process.

Using a bespoke practice dental plan provider, such as IndepenDent, will also mean that the practice benefits from advice, support, training and often preferential rates with partner services.

We are here to help provide you with a dental plan that suits your practice.  If you would like to discuss your options further then please get in touch either by calling one of friendly team members on 01463 223399 or drop us an email to

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