Why you should invest in bespoke photography for your dental practice

With growing competition from corporates it is more important than ever to ensure that your dental practice stands out from the crowd and attracts new patients. Together with a strong brand identity, bespoke, professional photography helps to set your dental practice apart and say something unique about who you are, what you do and why patients should come to you for all their dental care needs.


As well as having the technical expertise necessary to get well-lit, in-focus shots, professional photographers also have the creative skills enabling them to create and post-edit original images that truly reflect your brand values.

Stock images are great – they’re quick and affordable – but do you want your website and marketing literature to feel impersonal and bland?


Connecting with patients

When providing dentistry, you are not just providing a product you are providing patients with all of those important, non-tangible attributes:
• Peace of mind
• Reassurance
• Confidence
• Feeling cared for and respected

In order to portray these qualities, a bespoke professional photo shoot can depict how the team interact with each other and patients and get across the positive, caring atmosphere of the practice. This cannot be achieved using stock images.

Return on investment

A suite of bespoke professional photos can be used again and again for all of your marketing collateral – website, social media, leaflets, brochures, welcome packs, adverts and so much more!

Our marketing partners, Blue Horizons have been helping dental practices for over 16 years. As an ICP member you will receive 10% discount off their services. If you are interested in commissioning some photography for your practice then give them a call on 01242 236600 or visit their website www.bluehorizonsmarketing.co.uk

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