Why you should consider employing a Treatment Co-ordinator


A Treatment Coordinator is someone in the practice who is available to spend time with the patients to answer questions related to treatments and fees.  This person’s primary role is patient communication – dealing with new patients, educating and discussed treatment plan options, running through membership plans and going through finance options.

Yes, employing a Treatment Co-ordinator will increase your payroll costs but adding this integral role to your practice will more than pay for itself with the positive impact experienced:


  • Allowing the dentists to focus on what they do best - performing treatments
  • Leaving the non-clinical work to someone else -  paperwork, consents, treatment plans, basic oral health education
  • An increase in uptake of treatment plans
  • An increase in plan memberships
  • Improved perceived value for money for patients
  • Ensuring a consistent approach to customer service
  • Taking conversations with patients away from the dental chair
  • Ensuring new patients start off on the right path
  • Offering ‘free consultations’ without taking time away from the dentist
  • Freeing up the front desk team, reducing stress and improving customer service delivery
  • An overall positive effect on team communication and overall morale at the practice


It is important to pick the right person for the role. Don’t recruit internally just for the sake of ease, only do it if you have a suitable candidate with the right skill set available:

  • A genuine passion for oral health
  • A ‘people person’ – friendly, approachable
  • Motivated by delivering quality customer service
  • Good communication skills – listening not just talking!
  • A team player – a Treatment Co-ordinator is an integral part of the practice bridging the gap between dentist, patient and the rest of the team


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