Why you should be blogging for your dental practice

If you already post regular content to a blog on your website and share via your social media channels then fantastic, that’s great. If, however, you don’t – read on to find out why this is something you should definitely be doing!

Content is king

The end goal of content is to help sell your products and services but in order to get there you need to build trust and loyalty. Gone are the days of the heavy push, push, sell, sell. Providing useful content that adds value, potentially solves problems for your audience and enables them to start a conversation with you paths the way to success.

Search engines love fresh, relevant content

The search engine’s algorithms favour sites with relevant, up-to-date content aimed at the end-user (in your case, patients). Having a blog with unique content that acts as a useful resource will improve your organic search engine ranking.

Blogs can have a positive effect on your numbers

Creating unique content for your dental practice blog can potentially:

  • Help improve engagement & reach (when shared via social media)
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Generate more enquiries
  •  Improve treatment uptake
  • Aid patient loyalty and retention
  • Encourage referrals

Some ideas to get you started

  • Questions and Answers – this can be a great format to help you write patient-friendly content. For example, “My son has knocked his tooth out, what should I do?” “What are dental implants?”, “Why is it so important to brush in-between my teeth?”
  • Practice news – embedding your practice as part of the local community encourages loyalty amongst your patients. Patients love to hear about any charity events, baby news, and team social/training events – anything that adds the human touch.
  • Current news – Always be listening out for relevant dental health topics items in the news and media and add your own take on the subject, perhaps providing patients with solutions on how the practice can help.
  • Treatment feature – a blog is a great platform to go into greater depth about a specific treatment, providing case studies and testimonials to further illustrate your skills and knowledge.
  • Team member focus – create an interview style piece for members of your team, providing details on their job role and also about their personal interests

Monitor and evaluate

As with everything, monitor and track what sort of response your content is getting and adjust accordingly.