Utilising your hygienist to improve your dental plan uptake


There should be a clear practice-wide ethos of being a dental plan practice – all members of the team should be striving towards getting more patients signed up to the practice plan.


Your hygienist can help up your intake of plan patients by recommending the plan to those patients who they feel would benefit from being a plan member – for instance those patients who require more frequent visits to keep their dental health in check.


There shouldn’t be an assumption that if a patient initially didn’t want to join the plan when they started at the practice that they never will. Check out our previous blog here on how to make your dental plan a key part of every patient’s journey.


Ensure there is a clear process in place for your hygienist to follow – for example, perhaps they hand a potential plan patient a leaflet whilst they’re in the treatment room and then inform one of the front desk members in order to follow it up..


Here’s a quick reminder of ways to help promote your dental plan:

• Practice leaflets/brochures

• Website

• Practice posters

• Flyers

• Recall letters

• Newsletters

• Social media – Facebook, Twitter

• Email

• Recorded phone message/waiting room screens


If you would like to chat to us about ways to get more patient signed up to your plan then get in touch by calling us on 01463 223399 or dropping us an email at icpltd@ident.co.uk


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