Open Events for Dental Practices

In this blog we run through the why’s and how’s of holding patient open events at your dental practice.

Why you should consider holding an open event

A well planned open event at your practice can pay huge dividends:
• new patient acquisition
• uptake in treatments
• uptake in plan memberships
• improved patient experience leading to patient loyalty and referrals
• improved staff morale

Reasons to hold an event

• Welcome a new associate – push for new patients
• show off a new refurbishment
• demonstrate new equipment, for example iTero
• push specific treatments such as whitening, implants, orthodontic treatment or facial aesthetics
• Tie in with national campaign and or charity such as Mouth Cancer Action Month or Macmillan Coffee Morning

Open events allow patients the opportunity to ask questions and find out more information in a more relaxed and informal setting, particularly for more involved treatments where patients may feel intimidated asking about during their regular check-ups.

Things to consider

The old adage of ‘if a job is worth doing, doing it properly’ comes to mind! Take the time to properly plan and prepare for your event to ensure that it goes as successfully as possible. Be clear as to what your objectives are for holding the event – what do you want to achieve? Are there particular targets to meet?

• Speak to your sales reps (implants, whitening etc) as these companies will often subsidise costs for you and/or provide you with materials
• consider offering a prize drawer and special discounts at the event
• could you partner with other local businesses? Christmas is the ideal opportunity to partner up with other local businesses to hold a joint event in your community.
• get the whole team involved – offer staff incentives for any sign ups on the night or subsequent sales as a result of a follow up.
• build a marketing campaign around the event with all elements (website, social, newsletters, direct mail etc) leading to the event and thus being more trackable and focused. The event is also an excellent reason to communicate with new and existing patients.


• Check that the proposed date and time doesn’t clash with any other events locally
• how many people can you comfortably hold?
• will there be a requirement for a RSVP so you can manage numbers?
• how will you let people know about the event?
• what about car parking?
• will you offer refreshments?

Post event follow up

As well as ensuring a process is in place to follow up any sales leads from the event, consider asking attendees for feedback – what did they particularly like about the event? Is there anything that needs improving? This is all valuable information to help ensure the practice keeps improving and providing patients with the level of care and service that they expect.