Missed marketing opportunities for your dental practice

You may have your website all sorted, have a nice patient welcome pack and even run a Google Adwords campaign but there may be other marketing opportunities that your practice is missing out on:

Ask for referrals and reviews/testimonials

You need to tell patients that you’re happy to accept new patients otherwise they may assume that you’re at capacity. Likewise, communicate to your patients that you’d love to hear their feedback. Some practices run a prize draw to incentivise patients to leave reviews.

Patients should be one of your biggest marketing tools – encourage and make it easy for them to spread the word and do your marketing for you!

The humble newsletter

Communicating regularly to your patients is key. Whether you opt for digital, print or both, a regular newsletter is the ideal opportunity to education patients about oral healthcare; remind them on the benefits of being a plan member, up-sell treatments and keep patients informed about what’s going on at the practice.


Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool. Ensure your business page is being utilised to its full potential. Head over to https://www.facebook.com/business for lots of tips, advice and ‘how to guides’.


Don’t waste the opportunity when informing your patients that their next appointment is due – if they’re not members already, tell them the benefits of joining your plan.

Running a special offer on whitening? Remember to put a ps on the bottom of your letters and emails to patients. Our eyes are naturally drawn to a ps in bold/italic type.

In-practice opportunities

Marketing is all about communication and increasing your reach – the opportunity for your target audience to see, hear and engage with you. Don’t miss out on:
• In-practice posters
• Reception/waiting room TV screens
• Telephone messages
• Leaflets

Affiliations with local businesses

A dental practice should be a key part of the community. Why not pool your resources with other local businesses and reciprocate with each other?

Your team

Nice branded marketing materials, an attractive website, an updated Facebook page are all fantastic but if your team don’t see themselves as the most important marketing tool of all, you have a problem.

Your practice should have a patient centric culture and the team need to be reminded of this frequently. It is all too easy to get in the habit of a ‘moan’ culture and focusing on the negative rather than the positive. A culture needs to be nurtured in order to be maintained and the effort involved will pay dividends in terms of the positive ripple effect it will have on staff motivation and patient satisfaction.