Making the most of your patient testimonials

Using your patients to help market your dental practice is highly effective. We have all become somewhat numb to traditional advertising messages and what we deem as being ‘sold to’, instead favouring our own information search that we feel in control of.

The reason why reviews and testimonials are so powerful is that they provide us with social proof – the consumers telling us the benefits of products and services rather than the providers ‘selling’ to us.

Encourage/incentivise patients to leave reviews/testimonials

Ensure that you communicate to your patients that you’re always delighted to receive their feedback. Some of our clients hold a monthly prize draw for those clients who leave a review or testimonial.

Consider the placement of testimonials

For example, place a testimonial about whitening on the tooth whitening treatment page of your website as opposed to just listing all of the testimonials on one page.

Use testimonials across all marketing channels

Make full use of your testimonials, consider:
• Website
• Referral cards
• Information leaflets
• Welcome packs
• In-practice posters
• Social media
If possible use names and photos of patients, otherwise people may question whether the review is actually genuine.


For those big smile-makeover cases, you may wish to consider offering the patient a professional photoshoot at the end of treatment in exchange for being able to use their case study in your marketing.

Specific questions to ask

For those larger treatment cases it can help to guide your patient in terms of what to say by posing some specific questions such as:
1. What didn’t you like about your smile before you came to see us?
2. What has changed since your treatment?
3. How does your new smile make you feel? How has it made a difference to your life?
4. Would you recommend ‘XYZ Dental Practice/our services’ to others?

Consider video testimonials

Taking it further, video testimonials add even more credibility to your dental practice because people naturally feel more trusting when they can see and hear the customer giving the testimonial. Positive facial expressions and body language demonstrated when a patient is giving their testimonial cannot be replicated with images or words giving video the lead in terms of humanising your brand.

Make use of Facebook & Google Reviews

Make it as easy as possible for patients to leave you a review/testimonial such as emailing them a link directly to your Google review form.

Value Honesty

It’s important to ask for honest feedback from your patients – this is how you develop and improve. Be sure to manage any negative reviews in a professional manner demonstrating your excellent customer service skills! Dealing with negativity appropriately not only resolves the situation with that particular individual but also demonstrates to others how you care and treat patients.

Don’t forget.....

Always ask permission before publicising patient reviews/case studies/ photos.

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