Making the most of your dental plan

Although there is more optimism in the market at the moment and some dentists are seeing growth in their business, the current economic climate is still uncertain. So how do you ensure you keep your appointment book full and provide your patients with affordable, quality dental care? A dental plan can be the perfect solution.

Benefits of having a plan

Benefits to practice Benefits to patient
Guaranteed regular income Affordable monthly payments
Happy,  loyal patients Regular visits for healthy teeth and gums – patients who attend regularly are more likely to enjoy healthier teeth and gums, and a more confident smile
Additional treatment uptake – through discounts and offers made only available to plan members Continued care with the same dentist & loyalty to practice
Regular appointments – encouraging preventive care and improvement in patient oral health Exclusive discounts often available for plan members
Enhances value and goodwill of the business Worldwide accident & emergency cover for peace of mind


I appreciate that many dental practices feel uncomfortable ‘selling’ to their patients, however, the key thing to remember is that selling is just communicating – raising awareness of your plan and providing patients with information and key benefits to them.

Ways to promote your plan to patients

Patients won’t know about your plan unless you tell them about it!

  • Practice leaflets/brochures
  • Website
  • Practice posters
  • Flyers
  • Recall letters
  • Newsletters
  • Social media  – Facebook, Twitter
  • Email
  • Recorded phone message/waiting room screens

Trigger points to discuss plans

As well as ensuring that your general marketing materials mention your dental plan, don’t miss out on the following opportunities:

  • New patient consultations
  • Recall appointments
  • Patients who require additional treatment
  • Patients who the hygienist feels would benefit from more frequent visits
  • Contact with inactive/dormant patients


If you don’t ask – you don’t get

Don’t be afraid to ask a patient if they’re interested in joining your plan. Besides which you should never assume that a patient isn’t interested without asking them directly.  Regardless of a patient’s income, everyone appreciates affordability.

Successful conversions

The most successful practices are those with a real team ethos whereby everyone is working together, putting patients first and being motivated to make the practice a success.  In order for your dental plan to be as successful as it can be, the whole team needs to be on-board, comfortable and confident in talking about the plan and its benefits.

Want to find out more?

If you’re looking to improve regular attendance and have a guaranteed income each month then perhaps you need to seriously consider a dental plan. Or, perhaps you already have a dental plan in place but don’t feel that it’s working as well for you as it should?

For more information, simply visit our new website or give me a call.

Gary Moore, Business Development Manager

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