How to make your dental plan a key part of every patient’s journey

No doubt you’re great at promoting your dental plan to new patients – it just somehow seems more natural and easy to include it as part of the on-boarding process but you must ensure that promoting the dental plan occurs throughout the patient journey life-cycle.

Trigger points for discussing your dental plan

The following are key triggers for promoting the benefits of your dental plan:

  • Recall appointments
  • New patient consultations
  • Patients who require additional treatment
  • Patients who the hygienist feels would benefit from more frequent visits
  • Dormant/inactive patient mailings

Keep on asking

A “no” today isn’t necessarily a “no” forever which is why it is so important to keep asking patients who are not plan members to join. An individual patient’s circumstances may change or perhaps when you initially asked they were too pre-occupied with other things to be able to make a decision.

Make the plan part of the practice culture

You must have the whole practice team on board as plan advocates. The dental plan should tie in seamlessly with the preventive dental health care message – regular attendance is vital for patients to maintain their oral (and general) health; nipping any potential problems in the bud – saving time, money and the development of potential health issues.

Promote the plan everywhere

You may well have a specific dental plan leaflet which is great but are you making the most of all the patient touch points to promote the benefits of being a plan member?
• Practice leaflets/brochures
• Website
• Posters
• Recall Letters
• Newsletters
• Social Media
• Emails
• Waiting Room screens
• Recorded phone messages

Consistency is key

Marketing is all about communication and timing. Think of it as a constantly dripping tap, a gentle, consistent reminder. Marketing helps you get the right message to your target audience (the patient) at the right time. By regularly and consistently communicating with your patients, you have more chance of capturing them at the right time and ensuring that a competitor hasn’t reached them first!