Handling price objections

Equipping your front desk team with the skills and knowledge to help them effectively deal with price objections is pertinent to running a successful, profitable dental practice.

Firstly, be transparent with your fees

Perhaps it stems from our ‘Britishness’ – not liking to talk about money – but it is imperative to stand up for the value of your treatments/services and be upfront with the fees involved. Be sure to answer the patient’s question of ‘what’s in it for me?’ be benefits focused with a truly patient-focused approach.

Make sure it’s not really a timing issue

There may well be other more pressing things on the patient’s mind, resulting in them not having the mental capacity to make a decision at that particular moment. Don’t be forceful, schedule a reminder to call/email them in a few days time.

A no now, isn’t a forever no

Ensure that your systems have in place effective follow-up processes with regards to treatment plans. Involved treatments such as implants and cosmetic work are a big undertaking for the patient, so allow them the time and space to feel comfortable in their purchase-decision journey. Read more about patient’s decision-making process here

Find out the real objection

If a patient says they do not want to proceed with a particular treatment, find out why – price is only one of many reasons that may prevent a patient from saying yes. It could well be fear so ensure that communication throughout the entire patient journey is geared at providing patients with everything they need and want to know.

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Build trust

It takes time to build to trust. For a patient to embark on an extensive course of treatment and hand over thousands of pounds they have to be able to trust you.
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Provide finance options

Although patients may really want to go ahead with a treatment they may not be able (or even want to) pay for it in one lump sum. Providing finance options removes one of the biggest barriers dental practices face with price objections.

The role of the treatment co-ordinator

Have dedicated personnel to talk through treatments, membership plans and finance options away from the dental chair. Please check out our post on why you should consider hiring a treatment co-ordinator here

Finally, remember to promote your dental plan!

You will find a host of useful blog posts on our website all about recruiting patients and helping to promote your plan to patients