How best to promote your dental plans to patients

Quite simply put, patients won’t know about your dental plan unless you tell them about it. This blog post will help make sure you are making the most out of every opportunity to promote your plan to patients.

Make it part of the patient journey

The dental plan needs to become part of the practice culture, not just an ‘add on’. Are all of the team on-board? Do all staff members know the ins and outs of the plan? If not, perhaps some team training is required.

Ways to help you promote your dental plans

It is important to focus on the benefits to patients of being on plan rather than simply listing features. A handy summary can be found here on our website There are many tools you can use to help promote your plan including:
• Practice leaflets/brochures
• Website
• Practice posters
• Flyers
• Recall letters
• Newsletters
• Social media – Facebook, Twitter
• Email
• Recorded phone message/waiting room screens

Trigger point to discuss plans

As well as ensuring that your general marketing materials mention your dental plan, don’t miss out on the following opportunities:
• New patient consultations
• Recall appointments
• Patients who require additional treatment
• Patients who the hygienist feels would benefit from more frequent visits
• Contact with inactive/dormant patients
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A ‘no’ now isn’t a forever ‘no’

Patient’s circumstances, needs and wants change, so just because a patient has previously declined an interest in the plan it doesn’t mean that they will never be interested.  Check out

Remind patients regularly and consistently

Promoting the benefits of dental plans shouldn’t be reserved just for new patients. Regularly remind all your patients about the benefits of being on a dental plan.

Want to find out more?

If you’re looking to improve regular attendance and have a guaranteed income each month then perhaps you need to seriously consider a dental plan. Or, perhaps you already have a dental plan in place but don’t feel that it’s working as well for you as it should? For more information, give me a call on 01463 223399 or email

Gary Moore, Business Development Manager