Benefits for you and your business

Guaranteed regular income

You will have the reassurance and predictability of knowing your practice has a guaranteed monthly income. You will receive this irrespective of holidays, cancelled or missed appointments or staff training days for example.

Happy, loyal patients

It’s a known fact that plan patients attend more regularly, this can allow you to identify any problems early, which as a result tends to lead to less costly treatment and subsequently healthier, happier, more loyal patients.  

Additional treatment uptake

You may decide to offer a range of discounts and offers only available to plan members, such as 20% off preventive or cosmetic treatments, this not only rewards patient loyalty but can also encourage additional treatment uptake.

Total control

You can determine not only the type(s) of plan your practice would like to offer, but also the price, as appropriate to your patients and your business. We can support this aspect with guidance on setting payment plan rates at the outset, and with regular reviews thereafter.

Stress free management

We will take care of all the administration requirements of managing the plan, providing a quality of service on behalf of the practice, allowing you and your team to focus on your patients.

Access to discounts

You can take advantage of specially negotiated products and services from a selection of our preferred partners.

Business development support

As an IndepenDent member, you will receive assistance in promoting and marketing your services. You will be able to brand your patient communications with your own practice identity. In addition, you will benefit from staff training so that everyone in the team is on board and familiar with your new plan.

Add value to your business

While it may not be a priority concern, the fact that you have encouraged patient loyalty and built up membership of your practice payment plan during your career enhances the value of your business when you do decide to sell or retire.

Want to know more?

Call us on 01463 223399 or make an enquiry, we're here to provide the information you require and can even arrange a visit to the practice to discuss things further.